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Smart Tax Refunds Ltd Terms & Fees

Our fee structure is simple. We deduct 12.5% of your refund with a maximum of $300 for each tax refund. If there is no tax refund then there is no fee.


All other accounting matters i.e self employed end of year accounts and tax returns, rental, trust and company tax returns will be charged at the rate of $50 per hour.


Tax returns will not be processed until clients have returned a completed authority form together with an acceptable form of photo ID.


The authority form and photo ID need only be sent once if you remain a client of Smart Tax Refunds Ltd.


Smart Tax Refunds Ltd do not audit or review the information provided by the client and therefore do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the materials from which the returns are processed.


The tax returns are prepared at the request of, and for the purpose of the client only and neither Smart Tax Refunds Ltd nor any of our employees accept any responsibility on any ground whatsoever if inaccurate or misleading information is provided.


Smart Tax Refunds Ltd will do your tax credit claim (donations) free of charge for the years we have processed your tax returns


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