Tax refunds New Zealand

How tax refunds work

It is very quick and simple to apply for a tax return


  • Apply online here


    You will need to provide us with your IRD number and a copy of your divers license, passport or other photo ID.


    You can complete the online form or if you prefer you can download the form here, print and post it back to us with your photo ID.


    Click here to download the form and here to view the acceptable forms of photo ID.

  • After receiving your application for a tax refund we calculate whether you have any tax refunds due for the previous five years.


    If we find you owe tax for any year we do NOT file for that year and we don’t charge anything if you don’t get a tax refund.

  • We prepare and file your tax returns for years in which you are owed a refund with the IRD.
  • The IRD pays your tax refund into our trust account. We send you a refund, less our fee, either by cheque or direct credit.

Each tax year closes on 31 March and Personal Tax Summary refunds for that year are not available from IRD until mid June


If you have self employed income, rental properties, trust income or any other type of taxable income that doesn’t come from salary or wages we will be in touch to let you know any extra information we may require.


Apply now for your tax refund
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