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Apply for your tax refund

To apply for your tax refund, simply fill in your details below and we’ll do the rest.


Before you start please make sure you have with you your IRD number, NZ drivers licence (or other acceptable ID) and your bank account details.


If you prefer you can download the form here, print and post it back to us with your photo ID.


Your details

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Your refund

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Photo ID

Click on the “browse” button to upload your photo ID here (you will need to scan or take a photo of your ID first to do so)

Do you have any income from:

Rental properties

Estates or trusts

Maori Authorities

Self employment

Interest - over $200 any of the last 5 years

Any income without tax deducted

Dividends - over $200 in any of the last 5 years

In the last 5 years have you:

Arrived in New Zealand

Left New Zealand permanently

Left school

Spent more than 6 months overseas

Please confirm:

I authorise Smart Tax Refunds Ltd to be my tax agent and to prepare and file returns and request PTS's on my behalf until such time as I advise otherwise.

I certify this is my true and correct name. I certify the IRD number is my own.

I hereby authorise Smart Tax Refunds Ltd to obtain information from Inland Revenue about all tax types except NCP or CPR (child support) this includes obtaining information through all Inland Revenue media and communication channels until further notice.

I authorise Smart Tax Refunds Ltd to receive my tax refund cheque into its trust account to allow the deduction of fees prior to releasing the remaining refund to me.

Smart Tax Refunds Ltd can sign my tax returns on my behalf.

Please leave this field empty.

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