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About smart tax refunds ltd

Smart Tax Refunds Ltd are:


100% New Zealand owned.


Based in the South Island.


An independent tax agency. We work for you, not the IRD.


Registered tax agents with the IRD this means we are authorised to complete your tax return on your behalf.


Certified by the IRD as e-filing agents. This means we can file on line


At Smart Tax Refunds we specialise in tax refunds for all NZ taxpayers whether salary or wages, full or part time workers.


We also do self-employed income tax returns, company tax returns, rental property tax returns, and trust tax returns.


Our Trust account is audited by a member of CPA Australia Ltd




Susan Sparrow Smart Tax Refunds Ltd Director

Susan Sparrow

Smart Tax Refunds Ltd Director

Susan started Smart Tax Refunds in 2009
with the idea of bringing small city values
of friendliness and personal service to what
can be a bewildering area of life.


A big believer in quality customer service
and with many years of business and
accounting experience she wants to make
the tax process as easy and enjoyable as
she can for all her clients.




This is a safe site. The information you give us is only available
to Smart Tax Refunds Ltd and will not be disclosed to any third party.


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